“Just don’t look” #Bloguary 1

Behaviour management tips from the Simpsons or me thinking about work too much? Either way 28 mins of writing:

Day one:

In today’s Simpson’s repeat, another tree house of horror episode found itself on the January tv  schedule.

One of the stories in this episode involved giant advertising signs coming to life following Homer’s theft of a giant donut. The signs are tearing up the town and at first it seems all Homer needs to do is to give up the donut. It isn’t. He gives them what they want and they continue to maraude through Springfield.

Lisa finds the solution and they are advised that the best way to get rid of advertising is to ignore it. Alongside a catchy jingle the “just don’t look” approach works and despite initial efforts from the adverts to destroy even more of the town, not being given attention brings about their speedy demise. 

All the adverts wanted was attention and in our classrooms I have found that low level disruption, the bane of many a classroom, is often caused by the same desire for attention. I had long suspected this, however currently working as a supply teacher has given me a host of different classroom experiences and I have found the best way to deal with low level disruption is to ignore it. At least to ignore it directly.

Rather than fire fighting all lesson – stop tapping – who’s clicking – I can hear who ever is whistling etc it is much more effective to ignore the tapping and start praising people who are doing what you want them to do. The tappers still want attention and quickly conform si that they too receive praise. Just remember to praise them when they are doing what they should

“Just don’t look” – look at the rest of the class and praise them – Homer have them what they wanted and they kept going – keep the donut ( at least for the good ones) and ignore it.



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