Collaborative Revision – Pedagoo Hampshire

Pedagoo Hampshire – 26th Sept 2015

Morning everyone.

Right now, I am making this chap look a picture of health.

With iGCSE exams a few weeks away, I’m having to deliver this remotely so I can make sure I don’t miss school and don’t pass this demon virus on to all you lovely shiny people.

I have discussed in part how I have been using social media and online tools for revision here.

In summary – using WordPress, I have set my GCSE and A Level groups home learning and additional assessments throughout the year, culminating in a personalised bank of resources for the pupils when it comes to revision that they can access anywhere.

Examples can be viewed here and here.

In the run up to the exam I also used Twitter to share revision tweets in a #chat everyday at 18.30 in the run up to the exams. Think up the questions during the day, then save them as drafts ready to unleash them during revision. #rbotcrubh is a good example.

I told the pupils what the subject was in advance so they could tailor their revision to fit the #chats, ensuring that all topics were revisited and reviewed.

The pupils performance in the poetry exam, following the Twitter revision, was better than their other (excellent) exam results.

Essentially the core message that I want to pass on is that in order to reach every pupil, as a profession teaching needs to embrace the digital world.

In my Drama lesson yesterday, we were improvising stock characters – one of the suggested locations for their improvisation was a school – from their performances, the pupils see teachers as a group of boring old people that can’t work their phones! (Not Drama teachers though apparently – smarmy lot!)

Pupil screen time is only increasing outside of school, isn’t it time we took some of that time and made it screen learning time, rather than FIFA 16 time!

In order to do that, we need teachers to embrace digital media as a way of enriching learning, not inhibiting it. 

I can only apologise for not being there in person, however at least if you are reading this, we have some sort of proof of concept.

Your thoughts and comments appreciated. If anyone wants to discuss it further please feel free to tweet me – @jcoleman85


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