Reveries of a Solitary Teacher: 5 (August 2015)


Love it, loathe it, long for it… like it or not, it is that time of year again. Axl Rose quite succinctly makes clear that ‘yesterday’s got nothin for me-e-e’ and it is to the future that I must begin to look again.

Holidays are drawing to a close and the constant ring of the timetable and the burden of deadlines and accountability will again be shouldered. This year I turn 30 and I’m going in from a more informed position than I have in previous years but am sure there will be obstacles ahead!

I have previously blogged about the advantage of moving schools however this year I am able to hit the ground running in a much more significant way than last.  It brings fresh opportunities for me and I am very excited by the prospect of working across a range of keystages and subjects.

From September I am spending a morning a week working with some of our local feeder schools, I am teaching English and Drama with KS3, GCSE English Literature and Language plus AS General Studies with KS4 and A Level Literature with KS5.

I am genuinely excited by the insight that can be gained working across a broad age range but more than ever it is going to take some proper preparation and planning.

This week I am making sure I have got everything I need securely in place and below I have included my to do list. Any extra suggestions would be great.

1: Fill in planner – mindless copying ( ease into it ) timetable and groups, create mark sheets for each group (names only for now – column headers later) Fill planner pages in for September (classes and rooms)

2: Data folder for each class – 
Raw data  (Attainment – SEN – EAL – PP – etc!!!)
Class overview
Data analysis overview
IEPs etc 
Annotated seating plan (staff copy)
Name only seating plan (pupil copy)
Assessment tracker

3: Learning folder for each class – 
Overview of the year – deadlines and examination dates
Termly planning
Unit outlines
Assessments & Markschemes 
Target tracker

4: Folder for the units I am starting with each year group – 
PowerPoint presentation
Question tracker

5: Print contents of each folder and put into last year’s folders with new class, names on sticky labels just in case Ofsted or worse come in to judge me in a snapshot.

6: Fill in planner for the first week with lesson plans etc.

7: Buy new suit in frantic Monday dash to shops.

Comments welcomed and appreciated


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