Reveries of a Solitary Teacher: 4 (July 2015)

As the academic year draws to a close it is easy to forget that continuity in education is important. In Primary schools all over the country, pupils will be walked to see their new classroom and have a chance to meet their teacher for next year; Secondary schools are filled with smiling Year 6 pupils realising ‘Big School’ isn’t as scary as they thought; VI Forms are crammed with awkward Year 11s in their trendiest clobber, testing the water in their chosen post 16 provider; what transition work happens between years in KS3?

Before we all down tools and head for the continent, perhaps it is time to consider this transition as well.

Assessment booklets and reflective logs are one possible method of giving an impression of the students, however these are poor proxies for the actual learning that has taken place.

Teacher hand over notes are always useful but many staff do not want to go into a new term with preconceptions of the group.

The students need to have responsibilities for evidencing their own progress and the freedom to show it in ways chosen themselves. It allows targets to be personal and specific and for students to have pride and ownership of their learning.

We need a digital format for students to access their work and to upload evidence of meeting mastery statements. Not only will this mean we can have better transition between years in KS3, we can also have absolute faith in the accuracy of our data.


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