Streetspeare and ‘The Tempest’


                 (Frank Frazetta 2015)

Today I was chief minibus driver and general helper for 21 children performing ‘The Tempest’ with students from Year 5 & 6 from a local junior school, and 7 & 8 from my school.

The project has been a collaboration involving a number of agencies. Fluid Motion theatre company have co-ordinated the project with my school and our feeder school. It has involved workshops, rehearsals, creating Prospero’s cloak with professional costumes designers, laughter, tears and finally beers. It will culminate with the students achieving an Arts Award qualification.

In terms of the benefits for transition,  the primary kids are now beyond excited for secondary school – and the secondary students are talking about how confident they feel after performing on HMS Warrior in front of their Headteacher, followed by street performances in Guildhall Square and Palmerston Road.

We began the project six months ago and have rehearsed every Tuesday. I have attended a training course with the RSC and the students have grown in understanding of and engagement with Shakespeare. The project has involved both the English and Drama department.

It has really made clear that English and Drama need to work together. Shakespeare is intended for performance but understanding develops from study. Collaboration between departments means students get both of these things and are better able to transfer skills.

It is easy to view our schools, departments and classrooms as bubbles, however we need to remember that they are not. Working together and working in real world settings means we provide more varied learning opportunities in wider contexts.

Now to start thinking of ways to expand these opportunities! Any help appreciated.


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